Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blackhawk & Beyond

For those who have never experienced the Colorado Trail, which starts in Denver and ends in Durango, the section from Cascade Divide Rd. to Hotel Draw is one of the most scenic stretches along the route. Our ride started at the bottom of Hermosa Parkway, not far from where the Hermosa Creek Trail starts, where we first climb up Hotel Draw and find where the Colorado Trail crosses the road and proceed to the north after turning right onto the trail. 5 riders in all, John, Dana, Mitch, Peter and myself ride away from the van around 8:45 am on the morning of July 25th unsure if we will be riding just the Blackhawk section of the trail or adding the section from Bolam Pass to Cascade Divide Rd. adding on an additional few hours and 15 more miles to the loop.

At the Hotel Draw turnoff Dana was not to be seen for he had ridden further than the start and had to be found up the road. John and Mitch set off to pick him up as Peter and I start up the trail to the top of Blackhawk Pass where we all regroup. The flowers are some of the best I have ever seen with fields stretching as far as one could see only to end with the mountains rising to the sky.